Growing capabilities, Growing communities

 We choose people and process over convenience.
We choose to invest and develop the stitching skills of our women over established sewing factories.
We choose perfection in our finishing over mass making of many.
We choose sustainable means over short term cost savings.

Scarlet centers on growing capabilities together with our community.

Our women empower their future by skilling themselves to sew and finish the collections we design.

Scarlet Home is sewn by refugee women in Malaysia, this is a collaborative effort with many others who have the same vision to empower. 

Scarlet Men is stitched by three batam mamas with head tailor. This team started as a sewing enterprise to enable the mamas from the village to provide income for their families. Together we have developed a viable option where they are provided with the flexibility and space to thrive as a community while continuing to play an essential role to their family.